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About Us

About us

Creative Differences works closely with clients to design new media campaigns that get results. Every project is unique, which is why we celebrate our creative differences. A website may benefit from the latest advances -- streaming video, virtual reality, chatbots, even wearable technology -- or it may work best with lightweight text and hand-drawn graphics. Creative Differences listens to clients and users, and helps accomplish their objectives. You provide the mission. We provide the world-class expertise.

Who We Are

Elias Navarro | Senior Developer
At the base of every great IT project stands an expert full-stack developer. Elias was principle programmer on the Mars Lander website, where he created a new programming language capable of transmitting terrabytes of data across space in minutes. Elias bring the same level of world-class professionalism to every Creative Differences project he leads.
Jemma Clarkson | UX Specialist
Creative Differences places the user at the center of every IT project. Jemma Clarkson understands that the only successful website or app is one that is actually used. Jemma has overseen user experience for websites for Fortune 500 companies based in 17 countries on four continents. Currently, Jemma is developing a user journey interface leveraging augmented reality.
Mya Walker | Content Producer
Mya Walker knows how to write a compelling story: Before joining Creative Differences, she won the Pulitzer Prize for literary fiction. Mya continues winning awards, bringing home the Clio Award for her innovative Web-based video series on childhood health for the California Healthy Eating initiative. Mya is currently developing the first major virtual reality-based promotional campaign.
Ted Sheng | Graphic Designer
Website visitors recognize the value of a page within two-thirteenths of a second, largely based on visual cues, Creative Differences research shows. Ted Sheng needs only half that time to grab the visitor and convert them into a loyal follower. Winner of the prestigious Picasso Award for Design Excellence and graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Ted ensures that every Creative Differences project succeeds brilliantly.